Standby: Continuous Running at Variable Load for duration of an Emergency, No overload is permitted on these ratings, In according with ISO 3026.
 Prime: Continuous Running at Variable Load for unlimited periods with 10% overload 1 hour in any 12 hour period, in according with ISO8528, ISO 3046.
 Contact us for other running periods.



  • Stamford and AKSA alternators can be used with each engine brand according to requirements.
  • Brushless, single bearing system, flexible disc, 4 poles, insulation class H.
  • Standard degree of protection IP21 (*IP22/IP23 is available).
  • Self-exciting and self-regulating.
  • Impregnation with topicalized epoxy varnish.
  • Solid state Automatic Voltage Regulator.
  • Stator winding with 2/3 pitch for improved harmonics.